How We'll Do it

The program is divided into two phases.

Phase 1. The Foundation Phase (Months 1 & 2)

Phase 2. Sustained Excellence Phase (Month 3 Onwards)

Phase 1. The Foundation Phase (months 1&2)
(£1,000 per month)

During the first 2 months our primary focus is on establishing a solid foundation of knowledge and techniques to help you tap into your brain's performance potential. The phase includes

Weekly Zoom sessions

We'll have one-on-one video meetings each week. Taking you through and implementing the core strategies and techniques for harnessing the power of your brain's to improve your football performance.

Daily Accountability

You'll receive a quick and easy accountability questionnaire via Whatsapp every night, designed to keep you on track and reinforce the conditioning process. It takes less than a minute to compete, ensuring you stay focused on your goals every day.

Conditioning Audio's

Throughout the two months I'll tailor a number of short audio (2-4mins) for you to listen to. Combining hypnotherapy & guided meditation to further reinforce the process

Phase 2. Sustained Excellence Stage (ongoing)
(£500 per month, cancel any time)

Once you've completed the first two months, you'll be in an excellent position. Performing at your highest level and knowing how to recreate these performances week after week.

To ensure that you maintain and continue to improve upon these standards, my program offers ongoing monthly support

Regular Check-Ins

I'll continue to meet with you (via Zoom) up to once a week, depending on your needs and preferences. These sessions will focus on conditioning, refining your approach and addressing any challenges that arise.

Weekly or Daily Accountability

As in the first 2 months, but here you'll receive the questionnaire daily or weekly, depending on your requirements and preferences. Maintaining your development and improvement.

Audio's when required

As we continue to identify areas for further development, I'll create personalised conditioning audio sessions that cater to your specific needs and goals.

These sessions will help you improve upon your weaknesses, as well as turn your existing strengths into super strengths. The audio sessions are designed to help you achieve consistent, long-term growth and development on and off the pitch.

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