IImpact Sessions

Want a MASSIVE shot of confidence?

A Surge in self belief?

Laser target focus and concentration in a game?

An injection of drive & motivation on the training ground?

Even an acceleration in the development of every aspect of your physical game!?

That is what my new 'Impact' sessions are all about!

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Quick, Simple & Highly Effective Sessions

No commitment necessary.

Just book a session when you need a top up of brilliance!

Sessions are 45mins to an hour via Zoom

Why Impact Sessions are so Effective

We know that confidence, focus, self belief, drive and motivation etc are brilliant for our game.

What most people do not talk about is that all of these 'feelings/emotions' are actually the production of naturally occurring chemicals and neurotransmitters in your body and brain.

We actually have a huge amount of influence on how much of this is produced. With this knowledge, we can virtually turn on the tap for all of these performance enhancing feelings and massively improve your game whilst we do it.

Not only do you feel great, but your body and brain are also primed to play at your very best levels also.

In these targeted sessions we use a combination of visualisation and targeted focus to produce thoughts and feelings within you to maximise your production of these performance enhancing chemicals within you. 

Not only will this give you an instant lift within your body and brain, it will also help to condition these ways of being to become more normal and natural to your game and training.

How You'll Feel After

At the end of the session you’ll feel like you could take on the world. Your confidence and belief will be through the roof. This is great, however the benefits are much more far reaching than this.

You’ll be conditioning this way of operating to be your natural default setting and the session will have far reaching benefits into your upcoming training sessions, matches and beyond.

How are these short and sharp Impact sessions structured?

Part 1 of the session (20-35 mins)

The first part of the session discussing things such as where you are right now, what’s going well, what you want more of your best games.

Part 2 (20mins)

The second part which will last approximately 20 minutes is the gold! This will be where we condition this vision of your new you. 

You simply sit, close your eyes and I guide you through what we have just spoken about using visualisation, imagery in a way that motivate you and lift you.

The session will have far reaching benefits into your upcoming training sessions, matches and beyond.

How Do I Book an Impact Session?

  • Booking a session is a very simple process.
  • 1. Click the calendar and book a convenient time for your session.
  • 2. Immediately after your booking you will be sent confirmation of your sessions and zoom link.
  • 3. On the day of your session simply go to the zoom link that was sent on the above email.

What Do I need?

You simply need a decent internet connection and be somewhere where you aren’t going to be disturbed.

Headphones, rather than your device audio are also highly recommended.

Isn’t all of this visualisation and guided imagery fluffy nonsense?

The simple answer to this is that nothing could be further away from the truth.

The sessions utilise our latest understandings of neuroscience and the brain.

The way that we learn is by establishing connections between neurons in the brain.

We have always known that practice helps us to improve.

However, what we now know is what practice actually does. Every time we do something we condition these connections between neurons in our brain. Every time we practice we strengthen these connections more and more.

This is what makes us better skilled at something.

However there are two more things that we now know, which is what makes the Impact sessions even more incredible.. 

Imagining and visualising these skills is likely to have at least the same benefits as physically doing them. In fact there have been studies that show that imagining and visualising are even MORE beneficial.

And secondly, we also know that these connections become stronger and more establish FAR more quickly when we are experiencing an emotion such as enjoyment, confidence, happiness, motivation etc.

Since these are the types of emotional that we are going to get you feeling in the session, this is another reason why these sessions are so effective.

And these positive, performance enhancing emotions themselves get more conditioned in the sessions, so these actually become more of your default setting.