Football Psychology

Getting Back in the Starting XI: 8 Pro Tips for Footballers Overcoming Selection

Jadon Sancho is having this issue at Manchester United. What should you do if you're ever in this position?

Football Psychology is More Than Mindset

In this video mental Performance Consultant Mark Bowden talks about how to get yourself back in the team if you've been left out.

8 Strategies to Regain Your Position in the Football Team: Inspired by Jadon Sancho's Journey

Feeling side-lined, just like Jadon Sancho did at Manchester United? If you're a footballer seeking to reclaim your rightful place in the starting eleven, these tailored steps can guide your comeback:

Clarify and Understand Feedback

Initiate a transparent dialogue with your manager. Grasp the reasons for your omission and be proactive in addressing any areas highlighted for improvement.

Self-Reflection and Growth

Delve deep into your performance metrics. Pinpoint strengths, weaknesses, and room for growth. Enrich your game by seeking insights from seasoned coaches or mentors within the club.

Exemplify Professionalism and Positivity

Your demeanor, both on and off the pitch, speaks volumes. Strive for excellence, uphold team spirit, and embody dedication, marking your stake in the squad's triumphs.

Excel in Training and Game Time

Seize every training session and game – be it a reserve match or a friendly – to spotlight your unwavering commitment, skillset, and hunger to be in the starting lineup.

Foster Team and Coach Relationships

Cultivate ties with fellow teammates and coaching staff. A nurturing team ambiance can tilt perceptions, potentially influencing managerial decisions in your favor.

Maintain Constructive Communication

Approach discussions with your manager assertively, yet courteously. Spotlight your growth, underline your aspirations, and continually seek feedback to refine your role.

Resilience is Key

The journey back isn't always immediate. Exhibit tenacity, remain committed to your growth, and understand that reshaping viewpoints is a marathon, not a sprint.

Broaden Your Horizons

If the impasse with the management persists, it might be time to scout fresh terrains. Engage with your agent or industry insiders to navigate alternate opportunities that value your talents

Adhering to these guidelines amplifies your chances of reverting to the limelight, securing that coveted spot in the starting team.