I am HUGELY grateful to the players that have been happy to write me a testimonial about the work that we have done together.

For me there are 3 sets of people that benefit from these testimonials.

Myself - It has always been hugely important to show the experience players have of the work that we do in order to progress and get my work out there.

Other players - So many players are not becoming the best they can be as they do not realise just how vital their brain is in performing to their best. When a fellow player mentions how important it is and the improvements that can be made it opens this up to other players.

The player I've worked with - It shows the world that the player is committed to their improvement. They take their game seriously and even when not on the training pitch they are still working hard to becoming the best they can be.

Cody Drameh

"I came to Mark looking to improve my confidence on the pitch, not only has he done that but he's drastically improved all aspects of my mental game.

The work that he's done with me has been remarkable, he has helped me to understand the way my brain works and has also applied game changing techniques to help me raise my game significantly.

Mark is also an incredible person. The level of detail he has put into the sessions he's done with me is matched with an enthusiastic and energetic attitude to make you feel and know he wants to help you be the very best player and person you can be."

Gabriel Osho

"Working with Mark has near enough transformed my game and my outlook on life in general.

I didn't realise how important of a muscle the brain was and how I could strengthen and condition it to get the best result in everything I do, until I started working with Mark!"

Tom McIntyre

"Mark has literally turned my game around.Even after our first session I felt confident that he understood the worries in my head and could help me.

Worrying that I was not as mentally prepared for games as I could be and stressing over details every day were areas I struggled with, but with Mark's patient and calm persistence he helped me understand how the brain works and more importantly, how my mind worked. His help has been invaluable"

Liam Moore

"Working with Mark has without a doubt added another level to my game.

Physically I have worked hard my whole career, but never taken the time to train my mind, Until now! Mark has helped me sharpen the most important tool in the box, the brain.

Choosing to get in touch with Mark and start working together is one of the best decisions I've made in my career.

Football has this habit of throwing curve balls every so often and I now have the understanding how to handle anything. BULLETPROOF!"

Dominic Thompson

"I started working with Mark at a time when I could feel myself slipping away. He taught me how powerful the brain is and how it can be used to optimise performance.

Months of work with Mark helped me figure out how to persevere through the hardships that football has thrown my way, to ultimately achieve my childhood dream of playing in the Premier League.

Through all that I have learned, Mark has given me the keys to unlock my full potential, and with time and consistency I will do so!

I am so grateful. Thank you Mark!"

Ryan Broom

"Working with Mark has helped me to understand mental performance brilliantly.

The techniques we practiced have helped me to raise my performance level considerably.

Working with Mark was not only really beneficial to my game but also a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Iā€™m looking forward to continuing using my brain to raise my game"

Aynsley Pears

"Working with Mark has not only improved my game, but added a new dimension to it. He opened up the mental side of the game to me, which I never really took the time to explore or develop... until now!

I've always worked hard but never trained upstairs, which is the most important tool in the box.

I feel mentally sharper, more focused and more present on and off the field and have now learned the ability to manage all situations, big or small in the right way."

Russell Martin

Conor Grant

"Mark has been brilliant to work with

He is very knowledgable in his work and we have covered a lot of things in a short space of time.

He has opened my eyes to new techniques and perspectives which have helped me on and off the pitch".

Kevin Stewart

"Working with Mark has been brilliant. His knowledge, energy and the ability to relate to players is of an extremely high level.

Mark and I have made a great amount of progress and has taught me how the mind behaves, the effects it has on us and our ability to perform to our full potential.

Mark is an expert in his field, showing us the true importance of our minds and how we can maximise it through practice and conditioning to take control of our own performances. He would be a great tool for any athlete looking to overcome any barriers and make full use of their greatest asset!


Danny Batth

"Having now spent well over 24 hours focused 1-2-1 work with Mark over the course of a footballing season, I can say that his his input has helped to improve my performances.

On a daily basis with my motivation, focus and intensity in training. On match day with my confidence and p[preparing my mind and my body, and also my recovery, shutting down from night games, improving my sleep and positive mentality."