Better contracts, more interest from bigger clubs, more recognition



I recognise that players have a short career.

I also recognise that it's in everyones interest that you become as valuable as possible. From your agent, to the club and ultimately to you and your family.

... and I recognise that there is nothing out there like this. That consistently gets the results that I can give you.

Mark Bowden

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Forget what you think you know about working on your 'mental game'. I'm not here to speak with you for years to make marginal gains. I'm here to change everything and be the most important thing that you ever do in your game.

Here are just some examples of what players are experiencing working with me. Most of these examples have been the experience of multiple players I've worked with.

From worrying that their club wont offer a new contract.

To having no worries as there is now a queue of clubs that want them and are prepared to offer better contracts.

From having a mutual dislike and bad relationship with the manager.

To being the first name on the team sheet and having the managers complete trust and appreciation.

Going from not being in the first XI.

To teams of the week, teams of the month, man-of-the-match awards live on Sky and other accolades.

Going from falling out of love with the game.

To once again loving every minute of training and playing again... and seeing the development and performances to match.

Going from out of the starting XI at a Championship club.

To having 3 offers on the table from Premier League clubs within 3 months of working together.

Going from bit part player.

To one of the most important players in the team.

The majority of the above scenarios have happened with multiple players that I've worked with

How do you think each of these scenarios has impacted on a player when it comes to the next transfer window or when it's time to renegotiate a contract? How would they impact upon your career?

All of the players that I work with remain confidential. However I am massively grateful to the players below who have shared their experience of working with me.

"Choosing to get in touch with Mark and start working together is one of the best decisions I've made in my career."

- Liam Moore (Reading F.C)

"Working with Mark near enough transformed my game and my life in general."

- Gabriel Osho (Luton Town)

"Mark has literally turned my game around. His help has been invaluable."

- Tom McIntyre (Reading F.C)

"Mark is an expert in his field, showing us the true value of our brain and how we can transform and maximise it to take control of our performances."

- Kevin Stewart (Blackpool F.C)

"If anyone chooses to work with him, you'll find it as beneficial as I have and have a really positive impact on your life and career."

- Russell Martin (Swansea City Manager)

"Thank you for everything, your sessions have helped so much.... You're amazing at what you do."

- Jordan Hugill (West Bromwich Albion)

"Mark has helped me to improve my performances... my motivation, focus, confidence and preparing my mind and body.."

- Danny Batth (Stoke City)

"For anyone looking to develop as a player I recommend Mark's services to reach peak performance."

- Aaron Martin (Port Vale)

"I feel mentally sharper, more focused and more present on and off the field and have now learned the ability to manage all situations big or small, in the right way."

- Aynsley Pears (Blackburn Rovers)

"Mark has been brilliant to work with. He has opened my eyes to new techniques and perspectives, which have helped me on and off the pitch."

- Conor Grant (Plymouth Argyle)


Because of my tried and tested methods, getting a brilliant understanding of your brain and conditioning it for brilliant performance is rapid.

Forget sitting down talking for months and years to make marginal improvements.

Our work is done in just 60 Days

All of this is via video call, so you can do this from the comfort of your home in your time.

Just think what you could become in 60 days, and what the next transfer window or contract negotiation could hold for you.


Unfortunately due to my limited time I can only work with Pro players at this time.

I also operate a waiting list now, and this is the only way to work with me.

Fill out your details below to be updated when places become available.

If you don't, which one of your opponents will?

* Please note that Mark can only work with Pro players, so please do not fill out this form if you are not already playing as a professional player in the game.

** If you fit the criteria of being a pro player Mark Bowden will contact you to discuss how it works, but it does not guarantee you a place working with him.